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Terms and Conditions

  • SettleMetal India Pvt Limited hereinafter known as ‘RepairBee’ takes responsibility for your device basis the particulars above, for the said brand.
  • This device would be delivered only to the holder of this order service form.
  • You acknowledge that you have removed SIM card, memory card, body cover and any other accessory that might have been attached to the device.
  • Repair of this device might entail formatting its memory which would result in the loss of saved data/contact information.
  • You agree to have taken appropriate data backup and RepairBee will not be held responsible if the data is erased during the repair.
  • Your confirmation before proceeding with repair would be taken only in case the final repair fee exceeds or decreases pre-booked quote.
  • Physical damage to device often leads to unforeseen damage to other components (sensors, motherboard. etc) and RepairBee won’t be held responsible for any such issues discovered during the process of the repair.
  • Actual repair charge would be determined upon the diagnosis of the device by the engineer.
  • This service promises an extended repair warranty of upto 365 days from the date of delivery. This might vary depending on the device and type of repair.
  • RepairBee warranty would be applicable only on the components repaired or replaced by RepairBee.
  • RepairBee service warranty would void in case of any physical damage external or internal/water damage after the device has been delivered to you.
  • RepairBee service warranty would void in case of the device being repaired by other vendors.
  • The amount of Rs. 249 or Rs. 349 paid at the time of handing over the device is a non-refundable minimum diagnostic fee.
  • Device handed over in switch off state would be treated as dead and the actual cost of repair would be confirmed post-diagnosis.
  • RepairBee doesn’t confirm the return of the device in 24 Hours. Delivery time may exceed post diagnosis of the device.
  • RepairBee doesn’t confirm the return of the device in 24 Hours. Delivery time may exceed post diagnosis of the device.
  • Repair/diagnosis of the device might result in minor wear and tear, hence the device might not be returned in the as-was state.
  • If post diagnosis you choose to not get the suggested repairs done at the quoted price, a non-refundable diagnosis fee of Rs. 249/349 is to be paid and the device will be returned as is to you.
  • RepairBee holds the right to cancel and reject any order if required.
  • Free backup phone option is also available to the customer and in case any damage is done by the customer to the backup phone minimum fine of Rs. 2000 is applicable (depending upon the phone model).
  • In case you are not able to return the backup phone then the original cost of the phone model will be charged.
  • You agree to service terms laid out in detail at

The customer hereby undertakes that the device he/she is providing belongs to him/her. RepairBee does not take responsibility if the device provided belongs to someone else.